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Welcome to Sota Laboratory!

 In case I make this homepage, I perform the following three articles.

 一.I tackle in research and education eagerly, and following "Okite" is carried out.
 一.I always reply to a help from other people.
 一.I make the heart quiet, and the site which is helpful to those who are engaged in accounts is aimed at.

 Okite(HomePage's Policy)

 1.Sota laboratory HP is faithful.
    Sota laboratory HP offers information in a sincere attitude.

 2.Sota laboratory HP is friendly.
    Sota laboratory HP greatly welcomes the link.

 3.Sota laboratory HP respects courtesy.
    Sota laboratory HP is offered in the type which comprehensibly arranged information.

 4.Sota laboratory HP is kind.
    Sota laboratory HP considers the composition of a homepage from the viewpoint of the visitor.

 5.Sota laboratory HP is cheerful.
    Sota laboratory HP does not lose a smiling face, and aims at a pleasant homepage.

 6.Sota laboratory HP is thrifty.
    Sota laboratory HP maintains first-class quality, without paying high cost.

 7.Sota laboratory HP is brave.
    Sota laboratory HP does not fear a result, and considers always moving forward.

 8.Sota laboratory HP is thankful
    Sota laboratory HP continues having the feeling of the gratitude to people which were indebted.


To make this home page, I refered to Scout Promise and Scout Laws.

Ken-ichi SOTA 無断転載を禁止します。

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